Do you need help?

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Open Hours

Wednesdays 9:00-11:30am, Fridays 2:00–4:30pm

  • We provide food, clothing/necessities, life skills, and hope and love to those in need!

  • The Center serves those who live in 5 east/southeast Columbus zip codes: 43209, 43213, 43219, 43227, and 43232.

  • You are invited to shop at our facility during open hours and receive items at no cost to you.

  • No appointment needed.


First time?

Sign up free at any time during open hours, no appointment necessary!

To sign up as a family, you will need:

  • The head of household needs a valid ID with a current address.

  • A recent piece of mail showing current address.

  • Names and birthdays for all other household members.

Need ID? 


139 E. 2nd Ave.


State ID, birth certificate vouchers



578 E. Main St.


Birth certificate vouchers



The Bishop Resource Griffin Center

We humbly serve the needy among us: the homeless, the unemployed, families in transition or in crisis, and the working poor, families that simply cannot make it through the month financially.