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On a daily basis, our neighbors in need are weighed down by the heavy burdens of economic segregation, geographic inequality, and lack of adequate resources. As Christians, we believe that we are one people, one human family, and that we must live our faith in contact with those in need. We know that we must hear the cry of the poor, stretch out our hands, and embrace the marginalized whom the Lord loves. When we embrace the poor, we embrace the spirit of the Gospel.

 So we are compelled to act, we are compelled to lift up our neighbors in need.

With this mission in our hearts, the governing board of the Bishop Griffin Resource Center, Father David Schalk of Christ the King Catholic Church, and all of the pastors of the Eastside Deanery are embarking on an ambitious campaign to build a new Bishop Griffin Resource Center.

 With the construction of a new 15,000 square foot facility, we will not only meet the basic needs of the people we serve, but we will also endeavor to elevate them out of poverty. We currently supply food, clothing, and household goods, but with the new building, we will also be installing the wraparound supportive services that determine whether a family barely survives or whether a family prospers.

All Christians are on a pilgrimage, a journey. But the journey of the elderly, the journey of the sick, and the journey of the poor receive particular love and care from our Blessed Mother and her son, Our Lord, Jesus Christ.

 As Catholics, we know that this means that our futures and destinies are inextricably bound to our poor and marginalized brothers and sisters. We know that when we lift up our neighbor, we are lifting up our own hearts, because we will be truly fulfilling God’s commandment that we love one another as He has loved us.

 So please, from all of us at the Bishop Griffin Resource Center, we humbly request that you join our capital campaign, and help us lift up our neighbor to full restoration and participation in our community, and then, together, we will build the kingdom of God.


Learn about Bishop Griffin Resource Center and the Lift Up Your Neighbor Capital Campaign; 26 min audio

The Plans


Our brand new state-of-the-art facility will:

  • Double the number of clients we currently serve.

  • Increase space for food storage.

  • Increase space for clothing storage.

  • Offer classes in food preparation and nutrition in a teaching kitchen.

  • Provide ESL and GED classes, other educational offerings, and job placement assistance.

  • Host health screenings and counseling services.


Questions about our capital campaign can be directed to:

Desmond Webster | 614-332-8566



 Yes, you can help create the kind of community where compassion, the common good, and human dignity thrive. You can make a difference, and here’s how:

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 “Blessed are the poor, theirs is the kingdom of God.” — Luke 6:20–23